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A step by step course to rapid memorization: Learn fast, Learn More & Apply Accurately

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Limitless Memory Power

Unparalleled learning & problem solving abilities

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Beat any competition

Academic Success

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Meet your instructor

Hey there, I’m William Martin, and I’m what you call an ‘efficiency enthusiast.’ I’ve always had a knack for finding smarter ways to achieve goals. With over 16 years at Google, I’ve had the privilege of meeting high achievers from all corners of the globe, including those who’ve excelled at institutions like IIT, IIMs, Stanford, & Harvard. They’re not just doing well; they’re thriving.

In my quest to understand what sets them apart from the rest, I uncovered a fascinating truth: they have a unique set of tools and methods for acquiring, storing, and applying knowledge that are leagues ahead in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

I’ve taken these invaluable insights and distilled them into my courses, where I’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students just like you. The transformations I’ve witnessed have been nothing short of extraordinary.


In “Make-It-Stick,” you’ll dive deep into the art of storing vast amounts of information in record time and applying it with unmatched precision in interviews and exams. I’ve personally witnessed the remarkable achievements of my students, and I’m confident this course can be a life-changer

Here's A Preview Of What's Inside Make It Sitck

Science & Art of Memorizing

Gain deep perspective on how and why these techniques work, explore the science & art behind them.

Skill Development

Exercises to hone your skills and make it part of your daily routine

Practical Application

Learn which tool to use when and how to create your own tool for specifice needs

Subject-Specific Techniques

Subject-wise examples to know which tools to use for various subjects

Subject-Specific Practice

Subject-wise practice exercises to master newly acquired skills

Bonus Resources and Tools

Access bonus explainer videos for additional tools and usages


Make it stick (Essentials)

3 months access
  • Basic techniques
  • 14 Days money back guarantee
  • 3 months access
  • Advanced techniques
  • Practical application
  • Subject wise examples
  • Email support

Make it stick (Standard)

1 year access
  • Basic techniques
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • 1 year access
  • Advanced techniques
  • Practical applications
  • Subject wise examples
  • Email support

Make it stick
(Power up)

3 year access
  • Basic techniques
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • 3 year access
  • Advanced tecnhiques
  • Practical applications
  • subjectwise examples
  • Email support



14 day money back guarantee!

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