28 Geography

Remembering the Great Lakes with the Making Absurd Associations Method


Geography can sometimes involve memorizing seemingly random names.  But don’t worry, the Making Absurd Associations Method can transform those names into wacky visuals, making them much easier to remember!

This method relies on creating strange and memorable connections between the information you want to remember and something else entirely. The more bizarre the connection, the easier it is to recall.

  1. Get Silly with the Great Lakes:

The Great Lakes are: Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Ontario.

Let’s create some silly associations for each:

  • Superior: Imagine a giant wearing a SUPERIOR cape, flying over the other lakes.
  • Huron: Picture a giant HAIRbrush scrubbing the top of Lake Huron.
  • Michigan: Visualize a giant MITTEN dipping into Lake Michigan.
  • Erie: Imagine a giant EAR sticking out, listening for something interesting happening in Lake Erie.
  • Ontario: Picture a giant ONION ring floating on Lake Ontario.
  1. Draw or Write It Out:

Sketch or write down these funny visuals to solidify the connection between the silly image and the lake name.

  1. Test Yourself:

Can you recall the silly associations for each lake?  If not, refer back to your drawings or descriptions.

  1. Connect the Lakes:

Now, imagine these silly scenes all happening together.  The superhero flies over the hairy lake, the mitten dips in, the giant ear listens, and the onion ring floats.  By creating a story that connects all the absurd images, you’ll solidify the order of the Great Lakes.

The Making Absurd Associations Method takes advantage of our brain’s natural tendency to remember unusual and funny things. By creating these wacky connections, you’ll transform the Great Lakes from a list of names to a memorable story, making them much easier to recall.