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About TCC Affiliate Program

  • What is TCC? TCC (TheCleverCrows) is a leading platform offering high-quality online courses designed to empower students in various areas. They’re known for their engaging and effective learning experiences.
  • What kind of online courses do they offer? Currently, TCC offers in-demand courses like “Make-it-stick” (memory techniques) and “Write-like-a-pro” (writing skills). They’re also launching a groundbreaking children’s course on AI soon! (Get in early and be the first to introduce this exciting opportunity to your students!)
  • Are these courses relevant to my students? Would they be interested in taking them? Absolutely! TCC courses address valuable skills that complement classroom learning. Consider your students’ needs. “Make-it-stick” can improve memory and focus, while “Write-like-a-pro” can boost writing confidence. The upcoming AI course can spark their interest in technology! 
  • What are the Requirements to Join the TCC Affiliate Program? We welcome educators passionate about helping students succeed! There are no special requirements, just a desire to share valuable resources.
  • How do I Join the TCC Affiliate Program? Joining is easy! Simply click the link below and sign up for the free affiliate program.
  • How long does it take to get started? It takes just a few minutes to sign up, a couple of days in through the review process and you’ll get access to the dashboard where you can access your coupon codes, referral links and marketing materials. This may take a few minutes up to a maximum of 3 days depending on the application you’ve submitted. 
  • How does the TCC Affiliate Program work?  Here’s the beauty of it: You share your coupon code or  affiliate link with your network (students, parents, colleagues). When someone clicks your link and purchases a course using your coupon code, you earn a commission! And they get discounts. ( Many educators are already successfully promoting TCC courses and earning rewards.)
  • Do I have access to promotions and special discounts? Yes! You’ll have access to exclusive promotions and discounts to share with your audience, making the courses even more attractive. (Limited Time Offer: We frequently offer special deals to incentivize enrollment. You’ll be the first to know!)
  • Are there any marketing materials available for me to use?  We provide a wealth of marketing materials, such as pdf with talking points in different situations, data proofs from the market showing how our courses are helping students, email templates tailored specifically for educators.  This makes promoting TCC courses effortless and allows you to focus on the impact you’re making. 
  • Is there an exclusivity agreement when joining? No, there’s no exclusivity agreement. You’re free to promote other products or services alongside TCC courses.
  • What is the commission rate for promoting TCC courses? Our commission rate is highly competitive! You can earn up-to 30% commission per course referral.
  • Can I see some examples of how other teachers are promoting TCC courses? Sure! We have case studies and success stories showcasing how teachers creatively promote TCC courses. We’ll share these resources with you upon joining, and you can leverage these strategies to reach your students and their parents.